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For you as a buyer and you as an artist!


If you want a beautiful frame for your painting, contact me!

I frame most of my paintings, mainly because I personally like a frame to complement a painting, but also at the request of clients.

Matching the color and look to the painting can really lift the overall look and finish off your piece. 


Canvas, Panel, Paper, etc.

I frame works on canvas, panel and paper and tailor the frames to each material in the best way.

Canvas panel is a great material that I like to paint on, but it can be a little difficult to hang a panel on the wall. Therefore, I have found a frame that will be super nice and can be tailored very much to each painting.

Works on canvas can be hung on their own, but I think a frame encloses the work very nicely. Especially if you stain or paint the frame to a complementary color. Do you want a thick frame, thin frame, space between the canvas and the frame or not.

I can arrange this!

Works on paper have many options. I arrange custom made mounts for these works and then you can decide how large or small the frame itself should be depending on the effect you are looking for. 


Are you an artist and want your art framed?

Artists in central Stockholm and Strängnäs, look here!


I also have the opportunity to help you as an artist who wants to frame your works, but thinks that a framing workshop is too expensive. Contact me and I can accept your art and your wishes for a lower price!


Contact me by email:

and I'll send you a quote!

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